Who are we?

Hi, we are Artechno Growsystems. We don't practice hierarchy; we all talk to one another and drink coffee with each other. We are a versatile and dynamic company with an eye for people and nature, while we all share the same passion for high-quality technology. Our job opportunities are even broader than the departments mentioned in the above video.

We are developers of vertical farming systems, standing at the beginning of a global change in horticulture. We make a difference with our products. We do this by continuously innovating and developing solutions for modern cultivation systems for the best plant care achievable. We do this together. As together, you stand strong, and footing together is great fun.

That is why we often take strolls together during lunch, regularly undertake joint activities like barbecues, have yearly outings, pay other company visits, and have our Friday afternoon drinks (with bitterballen). Every month we meet up for our ‘beer case session' where colleagues tell each other more about developments within their department and field of expertise and discuss news from the management.

The culture within Artechno Growsystems is an open one. We all go for it together. Care to join us?