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Artechno Growsystems relocation notification

Artechno Growystems is outgrowing its premises and, for that reason moving to Maasdijk effective March 2023. 


Growth leads to larger

In recent years, Artechno Growsystems experienced significant growth. The company welcomed many new employees, and the production hall is continuously packed with projects.

Looking to the future, the company specializing in vertical farming has found a new location. The new site offers more office space, has a significantly larger production hall, and is, in all aspects, more future-proof than the current premises. The company's Research Center will remain in De Lier. 

For our customers

The new location also contributes to optimal customer service, one of Artechno Growsystems' goals; Artechno Growsystems will be able to better meet and host visitors at the new location, and the additional space means faster turnaround for projects. All improvements combined with the Research Center contribute to a more satisfying customer experience.

The relocation

The relocation will take place in the first quarter of 2023. Artechno will move into the building currently occupied by Stolze in Maasdijk. 


Artechno's new address:

Bandijkweg 2

2676 LJ



The address of the Research Center will remain:

Pastoor Verburghlaan 20a

2678 NE

De Lier



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