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Artechno Group welcomes new CEO

As of September 1, Art van Rijn has handed over the baton, and with that, the Artechno Group has a new CEO: Marco van der Velden. Van der Velden is very much looking forward to his new role and will be fully committed to the further growth of Artechno Growsystems.

As its founder, Van Rijn stood at the cradle of the Artechno Group. Within the management, it has been decided to realize further growth and to expand the management in De Lier.

Van Rijn will become chairman of the board of directors, thus guaranteeing the continuity of the organization. Van Rijn will primarily focus on the expansion of the Artechno Group in the USA and other countries and will remain active in business development in various areas.

New CEO for further growth of Artechno Group

Marco van der Velden has over 25 years of experience in various management positions at different industrial and Agri & food companies. Most recently, he was CEO of Berg Hortimotive Group, part of Royal Brinkman.

Van der Velden is given a warm welcome: "We are very pleased with the arrival of Marco. We are convinced that he fits within the philosophy and DNA of the Artechno Group and that under his leadership, the growth of the company will continue", said Art van Rijn and Ruud Jansen.

A unique company full of potential

Van der Velden is enthusiastic about his new role and sees a lot of potential: "In my view, Artechno Group has enormous potential to make its mission a reality. This means that with our products and services, we can make an even more significant contribution to sustainable food production. We do this by offering vertical farming solutions in a unique way.

Unique in the fact that Artechno Group started at the core of growth, namely the plant. They built the perfect growth conditions around it. Combined with adaptive automation, this delivers the perfect plant for the customer."

Ambitious goals

Van der Velden has several goals in his new position. He will be both the connector and builder of the organization. For example, he will bring clients and Artechno specialists together to respond to new opportunities.

In addition, van der Velden will focus on expanding the global growth of the Artechno Group, with a focus on the AVF⁺ Factory systems, further standardization of products, and the realization of the move to the new location in Maasdijk.

"With my years of experience in the high-tech and Agri & food sectors, I am confident that I can help the Artechno Group achieve all of their goals," van der Velden said.