Growing Strong and Versatile Young Plants for Your Desired Cultivation Method

Turn-key AVF+ Young Plants
AVF+ Young Plants
DFT and Processing Equipment
Turn-key AVF+ Young Plants

When we integrate AVF+ process equipment into your (existing) AVF+  Hybrid solution, it becomes a comprehensive Turn-key AVF+ Young Plants solution. We will oversee the entire production process, from seeding to packaging. The choice of manual, semi-automatic, or fully automated process equipment will be tailored to your specific needs, considering factors like size and local conditions.

AVF+ Young Plants

Incorporate the AVF+ Young Plants into your current cultivation approach and harness the benefits of this automated vertical farming system designed explicitly for nurturing young plants. Within the climate-controlled chamber of the Compact, precise management of factors such as light, environmental conditions, irrigation, and nutrients ensures the ideal environment for crop propagation. Moreover, the growth cycles are entirely automated, making it a convenient and efficient solution.

DFT and Processing Equipment

Supercharge your agricultural operations with our  DFT (Deep Flow Technique) and top-of-the-line processing equipment, also available as standalone products. You can pick and choose the components that best suit your unique needs. Take control of your farming success and elevate your harvest to new heights.

AVF+ Young Plants

Whether you're a seasoned grower with a greenhouse or a newcomer without, we're here to support you.

You can easily incorporate the AVF+ Compact for precise crop propagation to your cultivation method or start from scratch with our turn-key AVF+ Young Plants with DFT setup with our comprehensive process equipment integration.

However, implementing Artechno's standalone processing equipment for your tailored farming method is also possible.

Automated vertical farming in combination with your Desired Cultivation Method 

Year-Round Production

Controlled growing with AVF+ Hybrid provides year-round, high-quality crops by managing environmental conditions indoors, ensuring consistent, climate-independent young plants for versatile cultivation methods.

Increased Yields and Quality

Our unique approach involves propagating plants in a controlled AVF+ cell before transitioning to the greenhouse. This results in stronger, healthier, and higher-yielding crops, ensuring premium quality harvests.

Resource Efficiency

Growing with AVF+ prioritizes resource efficiency. It optimizes water, fertilizer, and energy use through precise automation, reducing crop waste during transport.

Propagate to your Wishes

Experience tailored propagation with a Compact cell. Customize the growth environment to your exact preferences, ensuring optimal crop conditions. Harness the power of precision in propagation with AVF Compact.

Lettuce in DFT Greenhouse
Lettuce in DFT Greenhouse
Lettuce in transport channel DFT
Lettuce propagated in AVF

Combining the Best of Both Worlds

Introducing AVF+ Young Plants – a cutting-edge solution revolutionizing plant propagation and cultivation. This innovative system empowers growers to nurture robust and thriving plants at high densities by meticulously regulating environmental variables such as temperature, light, humidity, and nutrients within an optimal growth environment for young plants.

The AVF+ Young Plants consists of automated vertical growing propagation, and for example, greenhouse cultivation. It liberates you from supplier dependencies and shields against potential quality degradation during transportation. Moreover, it ensures consistent, year-round output and quality, eliminating seasonal limitations.

The AVF+ Young Plants enhances productivity and slashes operational costs, leading to a swift return on investment. It provides the flexibility to explore alternative cultivation methods, all while preparing young plants for seamless transitions. Whether you aim to maximize greenhouse usage, leverage year-round cultivation, or embrace fully automated vertical farming, AVF+ Young Plants offers a versatile solution.

This system's core mission is to optimize propagation and make cultivation cost-effective. With the AVF+ Young Plants, you're experiencing the future of horticulture today, where automation and precise environmental control converge to redefine plant cultivation.

Features Hybrid (1)-1

Feature #1

Get the Best out of Your Seedlings

Safe and propagated crops offer remarkable versatility, thriving in an array of cultivation systems. Whether it's gutter systems, ponds, open fields, or concrete flooring, these crops have the resilience to be cultivated in all sorts of environments. Their ability to adapt to various setups underscores their value to growers, allowing for flexibility and optimal utilization of resources across different agricultural practices. Whether you're cultivating in traditional soil or experimenting with cutting-edge hydroponics, propagated crops stand as a testament to nature's adaptability and the potential for sustainable farming.

You have the flexibility to choose whether you want to cultivate a single crop variety or multiple ones. Each Compact cell is capable of nurturing up to 10 different young plants while maintaining the exact climate specifications.

A water management system meticulously formulates the nutrient solution, blending the correct components and incorporating recycled water. Each layer receives precisely the required amount of water, and up to 99% of all water utilized is recycled.
Features Hybrid (2)

Feature #2

Standalone or a turn-key solution

Our processing line is a comprehensive system designed for seeding, harvesting, cleaning, washing, and transporting crops cultivated with the deep float system. Engineered to cater to a wide range of crops and floats, our systems are meticulously crafted for seamless automation and maximum efficiency. Prioritizing both the human and financial aspects of cultivation, we aim for high-quality cuts and optimal synergy between machines.

The hydroponic pond system centers around the key component, the pond, serving as the perfect cultivation medium for optimal crop growth. It harmonizes essential factors like nutrients, oxygen, EC, pH, and water level. It's versatile and cost-effective and controlled via a unified software application and equipped with various sensors and a water management unit. Constructed with adaptable materials, it's easy to install, offering a budget-friendly alternative to concrete ponds. This system ensures constant growth, minimizes costs, and grants full control and flexibility, accommodating various hydroponic floats to match greenhouse dimensions and conditions at your location.

While we specialize in automated vertical crop propagation and all related technologies, it's important to note that we do not manufacture or provide the infrastructure for cultivation systems such as gutters, concrete flooring, open fields, or cultivation tables. Our expertise lies in delivering high-quality propagated crops and associated solutions to support growers in various cultivation environments. If you require assistance or guidance on the choice and setup of cultivation systems, we can provide advice and recommendations to complement our crop offerings.
Features #3

Feature #3

Processing Line (1)

Our subsidiary, AquaLeap, spearheads our water management systems, offering an all-in-one solution dedicated to controlling and optimizing water conditions within deep water culture systems. This unit manages nutrient mixing, dosing, water distribution, and quality. Equipped with intelligent software and sensors for EC, pH, oxygen, water level, and temperature, it creates ideal growth conditions. With seamless integration, it can function independently or be integrated with other horticulture computers, granting precise control over multiple ponds simultaneously. AquaLeap's water management systems ensure optimal conditions for maximum production, reflecting our commitment to innovation and efficiency in agriculture.

Automation accelerates processing, minimizing labor involvement and cutting costs significantly. All of this is orchestrated through our FarmOS software solution, eliminating the need to juggle various software applications. With our processing line, you can expect streamlined operations, cost savings, and a focus on top-notch results.

The transport channel system effortlessly moves full or empty floats to various destinations, including the processing line, without human intervention. It employs water as a transport medium, ensuring crops remain well-hydrated and of premium quality throughout the process. This system not only maintains crop and root health but also requires minimal maintenance throughout its service life, making it an efficient and low-maintenance solution.

In the seeding station, trays are readied for germination by inserting substrate plugs, seed placement, and tray watering. Depending on your setup, you can incorporate either a drum seeder or a needle seeder, utilizing external suppliers' seeding equipment as needed.
Features Hybrid (4)

Feature #4

Processing Line (2)

Introducing cutting-edge transplanting machines, tailored for hydroponic enthusiasts seeking efficiency and precision. These transplanting machines seamlessly transfer plants from trays to hydroponic floats, gently safeguarding roots and stems. With adaptable compatibility and varying automation levels, it suits various needs. Whether you prefer full automation or a blend of manual automation, we've got you covered.

The Harvester autonomously disconnects crops from the trays, precisely cutting them at the ideal height using a bandsaw, and then conveys the freshly harvested crops to their final location. Meanwhile, the bench holding the trays proceeds to the subsequent stage, where they undergo cleaning and are prepared for reuse. The Harvester offers various configuration options, including crop recognition, automatic cutting height adjustment, waste management, and crop transportation. It is available with and without the PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) option to suit your specific needs.

Following the harvest, there are remnants of roots and substrate remaining on the trays. To ensure effective cleaning, these remnants must be initially removed, clearing away any coarse dirt, before proceeding to the washing phase. The cleaning robot excels in this task by meticulously cutting off the roots and collecting the plugs in a designated container. Multiple versions of the cleaning robot are available to cater to various tray types, ensuring versatility and efficiency.

The Washer eliminates any residual waste left after the harvest and cleaning processes, ensuring that both trays and benches emerge clean, disinfected, and ready for reuse. During the washing cycle, trays undergo a sequence of actions: water jets spray them, followed by thorough brushing, rinsing, and, optionally, a disinfectant spray. In the final step, air blades are employed to blow-dry the trays and benches, guaranteeing they are as dry as possible for storage or reuse. To promote eco-friendliness, the Washer employs a water recycling system, filtering and reusing the water to achieve maximum cleanliness while conserving resources.

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