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We Empower Profitable Plant Growth Worldwide.

We start with what the plant needs most and build the perfect turn-key automated vertical growing conditions around it. Creating a healthy plant environment.

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What type of crops can you grow?

Growing lettuce with vertical farms

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Growing microgreens with vertical farms

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Growing herbs with vertical farms

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Growing leafy greens with vertical farms

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Leafy Greens


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Young Plants

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The Perfect Crop

A unique combination of the three elements
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Perfect climate

Our AVF+ systems provide the perfect climate for growing any plant, from temperature, airflow to humidity and CO2.

Water & Nutrients

Dedicated water & nutrient systems carefully mix and automatically distribute nutrients to the plants, after which it will be reused.

Professional lighting

Only the best possible dynamic lighting in the market provided by Signify, is good enough for the plants.

Plant-focused approach

Our systems are built around what the plant needs the most to grow consistently and profitably in perfect conditions
Turn key Solutions-min (1)-1

Turn-key Solutions

We are the only company in the world to deliver a turn-key automated solution from seeding to packaging

Vertical Farming Factory

Achieve high plant output with our Automated Vertical Farming Factory

Our Product Groups

No matter what growing method you choose, we’ll take care of what’s best for the plant.

Our products Vertical Farming

Automated Vertical Farming

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Our products DFT-S Hydroponics

AVF+ Hybrid

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Horticulture is in our DNA

Horticulture is in our DNA

With our headquarters in the center of Dutch horticulture area "Westland", our team has been living and breathing horticulture their entire life. In the last 40 years, Artechno Growsystems has been expanding into diverse fields of expertise; all expertise combined led to our high-tech automated vertical farming factory, the AVF+ Factory.

How it all began

How it all began

Art van Rijn started Artechno Growsystems at the end of the 80s because he observed that horticulture was becoming trite and growers stopped "thinking outside the box." As a farmer’s son Art had always been surrounded by horticulture. It was exactly that experience, combined with a burning desire to innovate the way that people grow, that made Artechno successful. In the quest to revolutionize horticulture, Artechno Growsystems has dived into one main focus, creating the perfect plant with our AVF+ vertical farming systems.

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