Growing the best lettuce indoors

The benefits of growing
lettuce in our AVF+ systems

AVF+ plug trays

Get highly consistent yields in our specially designed trays. Where lettuce is spaced most efficiently for maximum output, and lettuce is spoiled with food grade, reusable, and reflecting trays, for more energy efficiency.

Grow in less than 40 days!

Grow your favorite lettuce in less than 40 days depending on crop variety, going from Romaine in 40 to Batavia in 36 days!

Keep your produce fresh.

By producing locally, you skip long supply chains, which means the lettuce has an extended shelf life

High revenue crops

Different types of lettuce also have different kinds of revenue; you might consider growing them in the area you desire! Ask our AVF+ Specialists for more in-depth information.

Where do we grow

Lettuce projects